Friday, February 12, 2016

Limited access

I'm heading out on our little trip to the Bahamas. We have a few days in Fort Lauderdale, before heading out on the boat. No idea how connected we'll be out there. I'm leaving my computer at home and only taking a tablet. That should allow me to catch up now and then, but don't expect long posts. (I'm a slow thumb typist)

Now that I've been able to reconstruct all my files on a laptop I don't want to take it on this trip. It's staying safely at my step mom's.

She's watching Brownie. That dog is going to be so spoiled while we are gone.

Looking forward to talking to people on the boat.

“You know, the last boat I was on sank . . .”



  1. "“You know, the last boat I was on sank . . .”" That is sooo wicked!!

    Enjoy your cruise to the Bahamas!

  2. May your cheeseburgers be juicy and the beer icy. Have fun!

    1. Food and drink are included on the island. Might get fatter and. Drunk.

  3. make sure you take the recharging wires. of course, the bahamas are civilized these days so they probably have replacements--at a price!