Thursday, December 15, 2016

Investing in winter

I was walking around a Lowe's the other day and spotted a nice little snowblower. I've got a problem with small gasoline engines as the fumes bother my lungs a lot. That's why I use electric chain saws. The neat thing about this snowblower was that it was a battery powered electric. It would be pretty handy around my house. I'd just spent two days shoveling so it looked pretty good.

Then it struck me, how much do I want to invest in winter? It's bad enough that I had to get fuel for the woodstove and furnace. The car needed snow tires so that was another expense. Winter clothing and new boots had be purchased. Heck, I even bought a new snow shovel.

Next year I'm hoping to avoid the whole winter thing completely. Money spent on things like a snowblower takes away from the sailboat kitty. If all goes well my lovely wife and I will be somewhere in the Caribbean. I hope it doesn't take longer than that to get our sailboat situation sorted out.

There are times when I wonder if I should sell my place in the hills of the Great North Woods. When I'm drinking a cold drink on my beach in the summer those thoughts are far away. Now that temperatures are dropping down into subzero territory and the snow's piling up . . .

I do love New England in the summer. Most of my family and friends are here. Then again, New England has a coastline. Summers off the coast of Maine and winters in the warm islands is totally doable.

Now if only I could find a boat my lovely wife will fall in love with and is in our budget . . .



  1. A man needs an anchor just like a boat. Yours is a cabin on the lake in the woods.
    There is a saying "Florida is a great place to visit" I find that holds true with any where.

    1. We do like the semi-nomad thing, the best of both worlds.

      Now if only winter would zip by as fast as summer did . . .

  2. money is the root of life here

    a 'nessary evil" one accumulates and then spends to the hilt

    so live the best you can....


    1. Money by itself I find a poor motivator. Probably why I never gathered up too much of the stuff -but we certainly make memories.

  3. Sail away to warmer areas in the winter. Isn't that what a boat is for???

    1. Yep. I've been a little out of sorts since we lost the boat that could have taken us to the Bahamas. I'll get over it.