Thursday, December 1, 2016

Trips and talk of trips

It's funny. My lovely wife and I can spend day after day together in the same house, but nothing stimulates travel plans like going for a drive. I'm feeling better and so is my spouse. We decided to head over the mountains for dinner and a movie.

The weather looked mild with a chance of rain. It wasn't bad except for when we were crossing Pinkam Notch in the White Mountains. On the way back home the rain turned to snow. The new snow tires made all the difference. We didn't break any speed records but we never slipped one bit either.

Over dinner we started talking about possible travel plans later in the winter. Right now we are kicking around two options. One idea is to take the camper van and tow the sailboat to Florida. Once there we'd do a mix of camping and sailing. The Oday 19 is a bit small for us after having been on the Ranger 23. Four feet doesn't sound like a lot but there is a big difference in interior volume. With that in mind we'd only spend a few days at a time on the boat. Since it's on a trailer, however, we could leap frog all over the state and sample a number of different areas.

The second idea is to go minimalistic. We'd toss camping gear and the inflatable kayak into the little Nissan hatchback and go. That would allow us to go into some places our big rig can't go to. There are some nice camping spots that are tent only. That would require more research. We haven't stayed at some of those places in years. Other places we've only heard about.

One advantage of taking the little car is that my lovely wife is comfortable driving it. She's driven the van before but really does not like it. Towing a boat isn't something she wants to do either. By switching drivers we could go a lot further in a day.

On the other hand, with the van we don't have to drive as far every day. We can stop anywhere along the way and sleep in the back. While it takes longer to get anywhere we are lot more rested once we get to our destination.

We aren't even 100% sure we are going south this winter. If we do go it won't be for the 3 – 6 months we've done in the past. Right now we are thinking maybe a month, month and a half. Of course, with us everything is subject to change. We are nothing if not flexible.



  1. I'd vote for the minimalistic. New locations - new adventures - new sights. You might find a fantastic location near your home where weekend two day getaways are easy to accomplish. Less time on drive, more time exploring. Less wear and tear on vehicle too.

  2. Whatever you decide to do I hope you enjoy.

  3. I've noticed, in reading your blogs this fall, that it appears that you already have cabin fever! I don''t blame you! In my opinion, your camper van would be the way to go. Maybe without the Oday 19, if length is an issue with getting into small campsites. There is nothing like a handy bed when you need it! We are very comfortable in our 5th wheel here in KW, but the truck camper is at the ready, back in New Hampshire, when we want to travel and explore. The problem we've encountered, especially in Florida, is that many towns have ordinances prohibiting overnight parking! Of course, most of these ordinances were created by complaints from local campgrounds wanting your money! In any event, the sun beats the snow any day! Go South young man!!

    1. The apps that show which places allow Walmart overnight camping are very useful. Florida, especially southern Florida is pretty bad about banning it.

      This is always a bad time of year here for me. It's dark and the weather can't seem to figure out if it wants to rain or snow. We are here until after the holidays, at any rate.

      We could always just pack up and go, but I think I'd like to put more thought into any possible trips.

  4. It is wonderful to have options, but then you have to make decisions.