Monday, December 5, 2016

Well that was interesting

Chaos in Italy! The Italian “No” vote won.

The PM is going to resign. Lets see what happens from here. Good thing I've got a fresh bag of popcorn.

Did I wait around all day watching the action? Nope. It was a beautiful day so my lovely wife and I drove over to Maine to visit friends. Life goes on. I've been friends with that guy since the 8th grade. We email all the time, but nothing beats a real life face to face visit.

In these troubled times it's good to stay in touch with friends. If that friend also happens to be a firearms engineer, all the better. He showed me some of his recent projects. The guy works from home so he has quite a selection of reference guns.



  1. No that is a good friend to have. Sure wouldn't want him as an enemy. . .

  2. Hope you have a lot of popcorn, this could get real exciting.

    1. Time to stock up on more. There's been a lot of action lately and I've been using it up.