Sunday, May 20, 2018

Planning for winter

Planning for winter never stops. I'm both piling up firewood and trying to figure out how to snowbird next winter. If something happens and I can't travel, I'm going to need the house totally squared away. Besides, even when we don't spend the bulk of the winter here, it's still cold on the shoulder seasons. Right now temperatures often still hover around freezing at night.

I've a friend who cut down a lot of oak and all I have to do is to get it home. The van should last long enough to bring the wood over. Normally, I like the convenience of getting pallets of compressed fire blocks dropped off. However, free wood is free wood. Lots of exercise, but hey, I don't have to belong to a gym.

We've hit the ground running since we got back. The house is showing improvements so I'm encouraged. Connecting with family has been great. I find myself traveling all over New England to family events, but it's worth it.

My lovely wife and I are debating on what to do next winter. We could make things work with what we've got. It is tempting to reorganize our finances and get a bigger boat. I may be more tempted than she is, but I suffer more in the winter.

Having damaged lungs is no joke. I was injured while working as a firefighter, so it drives me nuts when I see young people smoking. Why do that to yourself for no reason? They should know better and they'll miss their lungs when they are gone. Respiratory problems affect your whole life, if they don't kill you outright.

Had my lungs never been injured, I'd probably have never become a snowbird. Frankly, I miss cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing. On the flip side, I'd probably never have learned the joys of sailing either.



  1. Smoked for 40+ years. Quit smoking in 2005. Now hate walking into stores where people have been smoking outside near the doors. Vapes are just as bad if not worse. Can't remember why I started in the first place.