Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Rainy Day Project

My lovely wife and I decided to work inside due to getting some much needed rain. We finished laying down flooring in one of our loft rooms. All the materials were salvaged. It was a bit more time consuming to reuse rather than buy new. However, we saved a bundle of money. The job would not have happened otherwise. All that's left is to install the baseboard.

My adult niece has already been using it as an art studio. She likes the space and it beats working in her room. Her art has started so sell, so that's a good thing. The space is big enough that we can still use it as a guest room.

We are making progress on reorganizing and clearing up clutter. That job is made a bit harder by the ongoing projects. Home improvements tend to make clutter of their own. In spite of that, things are starting to look better.

One of my next indoor projects will be moving the washing machine. It's in an addition of the house that extends past the basement. For years we've been dealing with freezing water lines. My “temporary” solution was to install a heater that could be turned on to thaw the lines. The solution worked well enough, but I was always bothered by having to use a heater. Plus, it was annoying. Our reorganizing has cleared out a space in the house where freezing won't be a problem. Of course, the supply lines and drain line will need to be redone. Such is life.

That will wait a bit, as some sunny days are in the forecast. Looking forward to wrapping up some outside chores.



  1. Projects are definitely going to keep you out of trouble. Or will they?

    1. Maybe for a little while. Then again, it depends on the "project."