Saturday, September 22, 2018

Adventure Travel

People with a touch of the nomad in their hearts often decided to take some sort of live aboard vehicle and travel. It could be anything from something as small as a car to as large as a huge RV with all the slide outs.

When they get sick of that, a number of RV people have switched to boats. Their choices range from trawlers to catamarans with all the toys. Now I'm seeing people who've started out on boats that have decided to go the other way. It makes sense for people who want to experience different things. You can't take an RV to the Bahamas, nor can you sail to the Grand Canyon.

My lovely wife and I have lived on boats and vehicles. We've also done it on a limited budget. Our plans for the coming winter were going to involve a mixture of both. Once I had sailed our little boat to Florida, we would have spent the winter sailing and camping. With the cancellation of my fall sailing trip that plan is shot. With the loss of our tow vehicle, the logistics get more complicated.

In a pinch, we could load up the car and go tent camping for months with just a couple hours preparation. We've actually left for camping in 20 minutes once, so allowing a couple hours is generous. All that bug out prep pays off.

On the other hand, we could keep an eye out for a cheap boat down south and go sailing. The problem with that is cheap boats need work. You don't want to drown, after all. I'd rather have my little boat that's in good condition than take chances with unknown problems. We have a limited budget and a fixed income. That's always a factor. We've also been in the process of reducing debt, so that leaves even less money for travel. For now, we are keeping the car tenting option ready.

I'm always on the lookout for other traveling options, especially ones that don't take a lot of money. Some don't interest as much as they once did. Hiking the Appalachian Trail would have made more sense when I was fit and 20. As a fat 60 year old, it's not such a fine idea. Also, my lovely wife is even less likely to do it.

I don't have the money to fly around the world on a private plane. Those who do have the money tend to be more interested in making more money rather than going on extended adventures. Traveling by motorcycle could be an option, but the comfort level can be pretty low. I followed one couple who decided to tour Europe with a Ural motorcycle with a sidecar. They ended up cutting their trip short and then working as crew on a sailboat to get back to the US.

At any rate, I'm kicking ideas around. Who knows what I'll come up with? Suggestions?



  1. I think the best deal for you would be;
    • Sell all your vehicles and buy a full size utility van and use it as your everyday vehicle.
    • Put a double bed in the rear, add a cooking area, add all your camping gear, add some solar panels and you are ready to go at a moments notice (something you’re known to do) and end up with a secure and comfortable camper.
    • I would keep the ‘O-Day’ (for now) and tow it with the very capable van. So then for the years you want to sale, tow it with the capable van to the starting point, leave the van in a secure storage facility and go!
    • I believe you have a small utility trailer that the van can easily tow for picking up firewood.

    1. I'm thinking the same as you Mike. The older I get the less tolerant I am of sleeping in a tent. A full van would be a good compromise. Retired fleet vehicles can be had for little money and typically they have been dealer maintained so though usually showing high mileage they are in reasonable shape. Conversion can be quite simple especially having the goodies that came off the old ambulance. Here is a friend's set up in Oregon.
      If you peruse around his website there are more photos

    2. That would be a good plan. I'm going to explore it deeper. Of course, sometimes something pops up and I jump at it. It's all a matter of keeping my eyes open.

  2. Ooops, "So then for the years you want to sale" meant sail, so much for Grammarly.. :-)

  3. Have you considered towing your boat all the way to Florida and just sailing around both sides?

    1. I lost my tow vehicle. The van needs more repairs than I care to put into it. The car is too small to haul even a utility trailer.

  4. Whatever you choose I wish you safe travels.