Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Gear Test and Future Plans?

My lovely wife and I will be going camping for a couple of nights soon. We will be going to events in another state. It's a good chance to check out the new tent. The “cheaper” hotels in the area are $140/night. The $25/night campground fees are easier to take. We'll also save a few bucks by cooking some meals at the campground rather than eating out.

In the next few weeks I plan on doing some house reorganization. The camping gear is going to be kept in a special place near the front door. Now it's up on the third floor. It will be easier to hit the road in a hurry when everything is more organized and doesn't have to hauled downstairs.

There's the possibility of come camping down south this winter. Outside of that our plans are fairly open. We are kicking around some different options for other adventures. Money and responsibilities will have some bearing on those plans.

I'm kicking around some other trip ideas for the future. Motorcycle adventures could be fun, but are tedious if the weather is bad. I even looked into doing a trip all on back roads with a scooter instead of a full sized motorcycle. It would be a slower trip, but cheaper and more laid back.

Every now and then I'm tempted to go on an extended canoe trip. The beauty of a canoe is that, unlike most forms of transportation, there's very little to go wrong. There's something to be said for a vehicle with no moving parts. That would be more of a summer trip for me. There's access to a 700 mile canoe trail two tenths of a mile from my house. While I've canoed in southern waters, camping in those wetlands doesn't excite me. Too many bitey critters.

Until I sell my van, I'm not really in the market for its replacement. One simple problem is that there would be no place to park it. Repairs, fuel, registration, and insurance are all expenses that have to be factored in. Taking care of just one vehicle for a while frees up some funds for fun.

Of course, we are always looking a various sailboat options. The more I look at the shape of this country, the more I'm tempted to get a sailboat capable of crossing oceans.



  1. If you come south and are in Georgia I live near Helen and you could camp at my place.

    1. I shall make of note of that. It's a kind offer and we just may take you up on it.

  2. There is a particularly nice boat for sale in Tampa.... Yesterday I am looking for some more info on that Indian sailor that got stranded on his dis-masted sailboat with a damaged back in the southern ocean and come upon this page. Paging down I read a post that talks about sailing in India and the popularity of Bruce Kirby designed Laser sailboats...So I says to myself.... hmm...I know that name.. that's the same fellow who designed the boat that dad built. So I look up Bruce Kirby, find his page and the Norwalk Island Sharpie 23 design....the boat that dad built...see that photo on the header...I took that photo, that's dad sailing his boat. ...a bit more searching finds this... ..that's dads old boat....and and here it is for sale in Tampa Florida

    1. That's a beautiful boat. Looks like your dad did an excellent build. I've been a fan of Sharpies for years. Their shallow draft is a huge advantage in FL and Bahamas waters.

      Wish I could fly down and look it over, but my budget says otherwise.

    2. I felt rather sad when dad sold it. We sailed the crap out of that thing and had a ton of fun on it. The sentimental part of me says I should buy it back and have you sail it up for me. The realistic part asks does it really make sense given how much I have on my plate right now?

    3. Sometimes it sucks to have to be the adult.