Thursday, September 27, 2018

Bug Out Locations

It seems everyone wants to be told where the perfect bug out location is. Short answer: there isn't one.

A friend of mine was thinking that maybe remote parts of Alaska would be a good place to be. I'm thinking, maybe not. Few people in Alaska really live self-reliant lives out there. Yes, there are exceptions, but the majority of people don't live out in the bush. Even those that do rely on getting periodic supplies. Even the natives can't live like they used to anymore. Too much has changed. Personally, I'd be pretty bummed by the months of darkness.

Areas of the US Northwest attract a fair number of survivalist types. That's all well and good, until Yellowstone erupts. To be fair, most of the world would feel the effects if Yellowstone blew.

Remote islands? How about hurricanes? Not only that, most islanders today get steady supplies from the outside. They don't live on just fish and coconuts. Many islands have populations too large to be supported by local food supplies.

The point is that every location has its downsides. One has to choose which risks they are willing to live with.

Most of the world is tied together. Some people dream of living on an independent homestead. You can't be totally self-contained without living like a stone age barbarian. Even if you could supply all your needs at your homestead, outside income would still be needed. The government expects people to pay their taxes.

For many people the best location is in a smaller safe city with a good hospital. They are much more likely to need services from a hospital, police or fire department, than a hiding place from zombies.

As for myself, I live in a low population rural area. My house has off-grid solar, my own well and septic. There are cultivated and wild foods all around me. However, there's a pretty decent hospital 20 minutes away. My set up is much is pretty good for short and even medium term emergencies. In a long term crisis, we'd all be scrambling to survive.

While I don't think there are any perfect bug out locations, there certainly some places you don't want to live. Large cities with high crime rates and crumbling infrastructure come to mind. They aren't fit to live in now, so now is the time to find someplace better.



  1. I'm too old, fat and crippled-up to bug out, so I'll bug in.

  2. I agree with assessment of large city survival - you would have to hide-out from local gangs looting the places. These are locations where even in these times with LEO operating, they are barely hanging on. Some of the worst places are no-go zones - to risky for even the police to patrol.

    Smaller city (10,000 - 25,000) in a rural location with uphill resevoir (gravity feed water) with self sufficient population sounds good to me. Better if at least a gas tank away from a large city.

    1. I don't have the skills to survive in a large city in normal times. Much rather be out in the woods somewhere. Good point about the uphill water supply.

  3. with you on the hospital!
    agree with anonymous but don't know any places like that, do you?

  4. Might I addd that the best bug out place is the one you know well enough to walk/drive around "blindfold", i.e. in a veeery dark night without headlights, no noise, away from others, etc... Knowledge/information is the major asset, the element of surprise the next best one.

  5. I could survive on my place. We have well water, two large ponds with fish, frogs, etc., and my son (who lives on the back of my place) has a hundred or so rabbits, along with some goats, chickens, ducks, etc.

    1. You are in pretty good shape Dizzy. Nice to well set up in the country. Also good to have your son nearby.

    2. Agree with Sixbears, water attracts and holds game and fish. Having some ag. skills and small stock like what you describe - nice indeed.

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  7. Bug Out Locations

    I certainly agree with your assessment of bugging in or out. Unless the air or water is poisoned or there’s nuke fallout, or if civil unrest and local government has gone on a rampage in your primary home area, the best option is to “Bug In”! Why? Because all your “STUFF” is there!

    Living here in Florida, I’ve had to evacuate a number of times (I believe 6+ times so far) with usually just 2 days notice. When people say they will bug-out they simply don’t understand the entire gravity of that choice. They have no idea what that means.

    First of all; “When you evacuate, if any item doesn’t fit in your car or truck or even an RV, you leave it behind” for the Sub-Humans to steal or set on fire for fun, or Mother Nature to reclaim.

    All the years of documents such as insurance policies, if we ever return to normalcy, will be critical. Photo’s, your extra guns, all your extra ammo, hundred’s of pounds of long term stored foods, kitchen tools all left behind because you have no way to transport all your “Survival Stuff” on a moments notice!

    Some will say they have a storage building rented out of town and most of their survival gear and food is there and safe…. No it’s not! Trust me, the property manager (another Sub-Human, knows what you have in your locker or a pretty good idea of it, because they have camera’s everywhere, security works both ways). All of a sudden, your next trip out there especially if civil war is starting the Manager will empty your unit for him and family.

    Today, ‘Prepping’ and ‘Bugging Out’ consequences are taken far to lightly. This is serious folks. Your life depends on your Prepper decisions made TODAY!

    For all of you 18 year olds reading prepping blogs, you need to buy your homestead land 25+ miles from the safe expanding city boarder limits today and not the sub-human expanding areas. So, when you are 50, it is paid for and all you owe are taxes which if you plan poorly could be $15,000 to $20,000 a year 30 year from now! Research what you buy for the long term.

    1. Always listen to the guy who's had to do it 6 times. Real experience beats arm chair speculation every time.

      Thanks for sharing your wisdom.