Monday, December 10, 2018

Mylar Thermal Blankets

In other words, space blankets. I'm referring to those low weight, low volume thin reflective blankets. Sometimes they are called emergency blankets. They work by reflecting a person's body heat back to them. You wouldn't want to use them in everyday use, but they could be a life saver in an emergency. I picked up a four pack to keep in the dash of my car.

For more regular use they make a space blanket with a more rugged tarp like backing. They don't fold down to as small a package, but can be used over and over again. They are perfect for camping. Blow up air mattresses can be freezing in cold weather. We put one foil side up and stay toasty warm. They are also great for keeping your back warm while sitting around a campfire.

Get one large enough use as an emergency shelter. Most of them have grommets that can be used to tie it off. At one time there were military surplus space blankets with a built in hood and pockets on the corners for your hands. That made it easy to wrap around you. I don't know if they make them anymore.

Real blankets are more comfortable, but take up a lot more room. They also become useless when wet. Space blankets work on a different principle, reflection instead of insulation, so they keep working.

Space blankets are one of those miracles of modern science. They work well, take up very little room and are dirt cheap. It's inexpensive insurances against cold weather emergencies.



  1. I bought one decades ago but never used it. Came in a package that could be nearly contained in one's hand. I have a couple of those heavier duty mylar blankets (Thermos brand ?) and used them when camping. It raised the temperature when placed on top of our sleeping bags, but after two days, body heat condensation appeared to begin to saturate the bags. I would recommend airing out those bags daily, to keep them dry.

    The secondary use for them is waterproofing / windproofing a lean-to shelter. Those two features alone are needed in bad weather conditions. Especially if you are going to be there a while.

    Hope you are feeling better Sixbears.

    1. Making real progress. One leg still itches like crazy, but that's part of the healing.

      I rarely placed them on top of the the sleeping bags and when I did I'd remove them during the day so condensation could evaporate off. For me, having them under me was more important.

      Wind and waterproofing are huge benefits.

  2. One of those blankets and an Euell Gibbons book and you would be set to go into the woods without any food. I will sit by the fire cooking hamburgers and wait for your return.