Saturday, December 15, 2018

Two Doctors

There's an old saying that every person has two doctors, their left leg and their right leg. I guess the idea is that walking will take care of a host of ills. It's a scientific fact that daily moderate exercise provides huge health benefits.

So for months now my walking has been severely limited due to nasty leg infections. As an aging fat guy, waking is really important to my general health. While the infection seems to be under control, there's some damage that needs to heal up. It's still painful to do too much.

However, I'm doing stuff anyway. This has gone on for too long. I'm back to walking. A good friend recommend that I start with a much shorter distance than I used to do. He was right. Months of limited activity has taken their toll. Even though it was a shorter walk than normal, it was enough of a work out. Tomorrow I'll do little bit more. Over time I should be able to put in some real distance. In the short term it's more important to just get moving and avoid injury.

The improved circulation from walking should hasten the healing process. It's also darn good for my mental state right now.



  1. If it's acceptable weather, it's ALWAYS good to get out. Just said another prayer for your healing.

    1. I really feel that's been helping. Lots of nice folks pulling for me.

  2. Hope you hear up fast. Being unable to walk is a real bummer.

  3. You're determined and you can do it. - Momlady