Sunday, December 2, 2018

Okay, this is getting silly

After a month of record breaking snowfall, we start the new month with another storm. This one promises to be a dozy. Here we are expecting 4 -5 inches of heavy wet snow topped off with a half inch of ice. Nothing good can come from that. Hopefully I'll have power and Internet by tomorrow night. If you don't hear from me, you'll know why.

The storm put a screeching halt to my Sunday plans. I've friends who live about 100 miles away in Maine. Sometimes we split the difference and meet in a town between us. We made plans for coffee and a lunch. His drive probably wouldn't have been too bad -mostly in rain. My route goes through the White Mountains, not a good idea.

Looks like we'll be stuck inside all day. . . next to the cozy woodstove, . . drinking fresh coffee. . . eating homemade turkey soup . . . reading good books. I've no idea how we are going to survive.

I am reminded of my great great grandfather who came to Quebec from the old country. They had a horrendous snowstorm that shut everything down. Nothing was moving for days. His neighbors became concerned when my ancestor wasn't shoveling. They assumed something bad had happened to him so they shoveled a path to his door. He was inside the whole time, deep into a good book. He felt the storm was perfect chance to catch up on his reading.

I know exactly how he felt.