Saturday, November 23, 2019

And now the Boat

My lovely wife and I are staying at our oldest daughter’s house in Massachusetts until after Thanksgiving.

I’ve been doing a lot of on-line research for our trip to Florida. We will hook up our Oday 19 trailer sailer and head south in early December.

One of the things about hauling a boat is that you need a somewhat secure place to keep the trailer and tow vehicle. Many boat ramps do not allow overnight parking. Others limit your stay to two or three days. On-line information is not always accurate so that makes planning a bit of a pain.

One time the on-line information said the parking pass machine only took one dollar bills. Considering we planned on staying the maximum allowed time, that would have been a lot of one dollar bill.
The banks were closed so we finally got our dollars from a Publix. When we got to the boat ramp, there was a brand new credit card reader and it didn’t even take cash.

With that in mind, I’ve been doing the research, but not fully trusting it. In general I’m looking to find backup boat launches for each area I want to sail in. Of course price is always a consideration. There are advantages to having a smaller trailer sailer with us this trip. We can use boat ramps for smaller boats. The shallow draft lets us use the same boat ramps that John boats and canoes use.

California was fun, but too dry for my tastes. My lovely wife and I are looking forward to the trip to humid Florida.



  1. Replies
    1. Not too safe . . . where would the adventure be without a bit of risk?

  2. Since my wife just recently passed away, I don't feel like making any plans for the future. But hopefully, someday in the future we will meet again. I and my wife sure enjoyed our last meeting.

    1. We are sorry for your loss. My lovely wife and I really enjoyed our visit with the two of you. Not sure when we'll be in TX again, but you never can tell.