Wednesday, November 13, 2019

No Post Yesterday

There was no post yesterday. Frankly, I was pretty much out of stream. One six year old can easily wear out two grandparents.

Another thing is that there’s not a lot to say. We’ve been catching up with family that I don’t get to see too often. It’s a long way from New Hampshire to California. That’s one reason we haven’t been doing a whole lot more touristy stuff. Frankly, I’d rather shoot baskets with a six year old. (He out shoots me by the way.)

Then there’s the issue that some areas we’d like to visit are on fire, or at least are smoke covered from those fires. My days as a firefighter have taken their toll and I can’t deal with more smoke. I even packed a filter mask just in case the smoke here got too bad.

We have a few more things we’d like to do before taking the train back to the east coast. However, the big thing has been our visit with family, and that’s more important.



  1. No excuses required - time spent with family is important. Who knows how old that six year old will be the next time he sees you and remembers the 'dude in the beard' who spent time with him and shot hoops ? Might be a really fond memory.

    1. I don't want to just be a voice on the phone or a face on Skype.