Friday, August 28, 2020

Life in the woods

We are in a pretty good place during these trying times. Having a bit of land, a well, and significant solar electric is a comfort. That takes care of a lot worries right there.

My lovely wife and I had a great afternoon sailing out on the lake. The loons and osprey were very active. It’s nice not to have to deal with crowded boat ramps with tense people. The sailboat is right there at our beach, ready to be sailed at a moment’s notice. Sure, it’s a small lake, but sailing is sailing.

Progress has been made on sealing up the basement air leaks. We are looking in better shape for the coming winter. In recent years we’ve gotten snow on the ground in October that stays until spring. That brings things to a halt.

One more trip to the transfer station should take care of the rest of junk from when the old deck was torn down. Most of the debris was burned, but not everything could be. I’m not going to burn pressure treated as that’s pretty toxic.

I’m still taking the virus seriously. Rather than shop local I drive 50 miles to shop at a grocery store with good safety and a special shopping time for those over 60. Worth it for my piece of mind.



  1. Right now I think I'd trade snow on the ground for 108 degrees forecast for today here in north TX. Ready for FALL.

    1. 108 is not a temperature I'd enjoy. Holly crap! At least with snow you can bundle up.

  2. Your peace of mind is your readers too. Hope you get it all shored up in time.

    1. It's looking pretty good. A lot of the work can be done inside during bad weather, so that will work.