Tuesday, August 11, 2020

New Blogger and other Stuff

Looks like the formatting of my last post was a bit messed. I don't know why Blogger thinks it a good idea to make people have to learn a whole new system every now and then. Some bloggers have just given up. This post is being done a bit different so I hope it works.


I'm not a survivalist. I'm into thriving. Fear is a powerful control mechanism. It's a trap

. . . . and yet, I wear a mask. That's because I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that it couldn't hurt and might help a lot. Also, I like messing up facial recognition. If I'm wrong there's no harm done. If I'm right, I might save my life. My mask is so good that using a public porta potty is not a bad experience. 

My lovely wife and I have been doing some local travel and really enjoying the outdoors. Temperatures have been pretty hot for northern NH, so being on the lake has been a good thing. Odds are we'll be staying clos to him this winter. Looking forward to a lot of winter activities. As long as temperatures don't linger below zero for weeks on end it should be doable. 

 There's a lot of debate about kids going back to school. It got me thinking about how I'd feel about it if this would have happened when I was kid. Personally, I would have jumped at the chance not to go to school. It sucked. My grades were good, but I always felt school took too much time and kept me from learning cool stuff. 

There's a lot of things changing right now. That can be a good thing. Frankly, there was a lot of stuff that didn't work for most people before this pandemic. Since we have restart everything, might as well do it in a new way. It could be in big ways, like work and school, or in smaller ways. For example, I think I'm done paying for haircuts. 



  1. With you on the mask. It's a small price to pay to potentially save your life.
    The thrivers make the best out of what they got. We are doing alright here with that mentality.

    1. Works for me. Everyone makes their own decisions.

  2. Same here bear, sure it's a hassle to wear a mask ... Damn straight beats funeral costs tho.
    Never have liked crowds anyway.
    Yeah my blog post is getting shorter every day. Some , because they've stopped posting. Others because they've stopped being reasonable and only post hate toward the liberal point of view and visa versa.

    1. I've been told a mask with good coverage improves my looks.

  3. I'm cutting my own hair also. Not too bad once you get the hang of it.

    But on the changes, they are good if we are left to our own devices but problem is, others have plans for us. Globalists want to control everyone and everything. Just look at how quickly the world economy has shut down and over a flu that isn't half as bad as the last swine flu. Not enough to say "leave me alone." They won't.

    1. It's a balance between being an independent individual and being part of a greater community.

  4. Like you Six and many others, I question all these “Experts and Former Experts” information they feed us. Especially the news media, where every channel has its’ own sources of opinion. We wear masks as requested. Why? Because it can’t hurt (I hope) we wash or discard after use. At my age of 74 a trip to the hospital would probably be fatal.

    All we can do is use plenty of common sense until it’s over, but then we have the regular flu season coming which I guarantee will really mess up the number game they’re playing.

    I like your comment on facial recognition, probably explains why the on going looting is lasting so long. Can’t tell the difference between the bad guys and good guys!

    As for home schooling I would do it without hesitation however, because we live a frugal life we could lose one income plus the wife is a teacher so it would be no big deal to home school.

    I think the real surprise is yet to come. That is all the high wage earners and their Mc-Mansions may be on the chopping block as more and more large companies are finding more work is being done with fewer employees. Couple that with many now working at home are finding it uncomfortable and feel the need to be around other people.

    Hair Cut! Going for the Big Foot look? Be careful up there most all of you want to bag the good old Big Foot! :-)

    1. I already look a bit too much like an ape. :) My hair will actually look neater when it's long enough to tie back in a pony tail.