Friday, February 23, 2024

Doomer or not?

On one hand I take being prepared very seriously. On the other hand I also make plans like nothing bad is on the horizon. So what gives?

I like to live a fairly care free life. Having my preps pretty much squared away helps. I’m not worried about most things that can go wrong. Being snowed in. Roads flooded out. Grid down. Thanks to being prepared none of those things really stress me out. 

Security issues? Yeah, I’ve a well stocked safe full of things that go bang. Just as importantly I’m on pretty good terms with what few neighbors I have. In this part of the country a neighbor is anyone within a mile or two. 

You have to prepare for bad things but don’t forget to live your life. I grew up in the duck and cover atomic age. A lot of people believed a nuclear war was baked in the cake. The thought of it was paralyzing to people at times. However, most moved on with life and didn’t spend their time hiding in a bunker. 

There’s always something of major concern. Sometimes those bad things happen. If you are lucky there are things you were able to prepare for. Some things are like an asteroid strike where everyone’s odds are pretty low. Such is life. 

No matter what you do you will die in the end. Don’t forget to live before you die.


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