Monday, June 24, 2024

Between Storm Bands

We’ve all seen the weather people on TV get overly excited about every little storm. When they get a significant storm to cover they go a bit nuts. 

So here in New Hampshire we had tornado warnings -a fairly uncommon event. I don’t get too excited about that sort of thing. Tornadoes don’t last too long in the mountains. What is of greater concern are the hailstorms. Actually, the most life threatening component of storms is the flooding. That’s an issue over the majority of the country, and even in places where you wouldn’t think it was a problem. 

The day started out with steady rain. Sometime after lunch that came to an end. It seemed to me that the whole storm watch was overblown. That happens often enough. Once the rain stopped I went for a ride on the scooter. 

The storm wasn’t over. We were just between storm bands. After driving about 15 miles down the road it started to cloud up again. A couple miles later the clouds got really dark. That’s when I turned around  and headed for home. I beat the rain by about ten minutes. 

We had some amazing thunderstorms but were on the edge of them the whole time. It wasn’t even that windy at my place, but there loud booms in the distance. There was plenty of rain though so I would have gotten pretty soaked had I kept riding. 

Note to self: get better rain gear.



  1. stormageddon my word for the weather faux news getting hyper excited over the storms that are common to summer.

    1. The problem is we start to ignore them completely and sometimes we have real issues.

    2. The boy that called wolf too often?

      I really want to unplug the TV when my beloved is getting storm phobia.

      I ask her what prep have we not done. She talks a bit and say's none, were ready. And then goes back to the weather channel and fretting.

    3. Yep, the boy who cried wolf. You do your preps and then stop worrying about things you don't have control over.