Saturday, June 15, 2024


My lovely wife flew in from Texas to Boston's Logan airport. I hate that airport. Actually, I don’t like many of them. This time I actually got to the airport in good order -then go lost walking around the place. Their “maps” in the airport are worse than useless. Just saying. 

It was great to see my lovely wife. I missed her. Her trip was about as good as could be expected. There’s a lot of family stuff she had to deal with. That’s always hard but necessary. 

Speaking of family, we visited with our oldest daughter and her family. That was really nice. The grand kids are growing like weeds. 

When we made it back to New Hampshire we got to visit with my friend who just had prostrate cancer surgery. He’s doing really well and that’s a relief. Last year we lost a mutual friend to the disease. Guys, get checked. Cancer sucks. 

At the 11th hour I settled a bothersome legal issue that I’ve been dealing with for two years. We were going to go to court on the 14th but came to a settlement just a few days before. I think I made out fairly well and it was worth the fight. I didn’t think the courts would have done me much damage but you never know. 

Anyway, it’s good to finally be home again. 



  1. Welcome Home! Weather seems to be nicer here than TX lately.

    Give Momma some time and comfort friend.

    Is she a fan of good coffee? A road trip in a few days to a nice coffee shop and maybe a VT family visit with no drama might be nice.

    Then maybe you can get in some scooter time.