Monday, June 17, 2024

Heatwave coming

. . . but it ain’t here yet. Sunday morning it was 34 degrees. Eventually it got up around 70 but then started to cool off again. 

However, we are supposed to get hit with that massive heatwave. Here it’s supposed to get into the 90s.  In the past we sometimes never got temperatures that high all summer. Remember it’s still technically spring. 

Here in the Great North Woods I’m much more concerned about keeping warm than keeping cool. However, with high heat this early I’m seriously wondering if I may need air conditioning someday. So far we’ve done just fine with fans. My solar electric system can handle the load of fans. It’s too small to power AC. For that I’d have to rely on the grid. That’s exactly the conditions that stress the grid and cause it to go down. 

There’s a lot to be said for natural cooling. I’ve some very large hemlock trees that shade the house nicely. Worse come to worse I could always crack open a cold beer and wade into the lake. It’s good to have a plan.



  1. Been warm and wet here.
    Wifey was nice to me for Father's day, got me one of those Garmin zumo xt , for my Honda four wheeler.
    Got it plugged in and charging, downloading off the wifi now.
    All I gotta do now is figure out how to use the thing

    1. Nice present. I installed my Garmin Zumo on the scooter. Worked perfectly on my trip to southern NH. There were some glitches on the way north that I have yet to figure out. I wonder if it was because we were getting hit pretty hard with solar flares then?

  2. My 1928 home in NE FL didn't have AC when I bought. It did have a 24" attic fan, apparently used for many years - it's mounted horizontally into the ceiling and blowing up into the (well-vented) attic. With the windows cracked, it provided great ventilation all summer long for several years for me and my guests.

    1. I wonder if they are still installing those attic fans? They seem like a good low cost option.