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Saturday, July 21, 2012


The political season is heating up. I’m getting those phone calls from the political parties. They are all in tither about if I’m voting Democrat or Republican this fall.

I think I’m going to start telling them I’m voting Collapsitarian. The system won’t get reformed until it totally collapses. Maybe I should vote for the one most likely to collapse the system fastest.

That still makes it a hard choice. Both of them have proven track records of supporting the policies that will bring on collapse. Nobody’s looking to put the bankers who got us into this financial mess in jail. It’s clear that they are above the law. Nobody wants to untangle ourselves from foreign wars. There is no candidate who’ll really look out for the 99%.

The last election proved to me that the president is a prisoner of the White House. Obama and Bush pretty much followed the same policies. Sure, there was some tweaking around the edges, but nobody is willing to strike at the root of our problems. As long as big money controls the process it won’t change. They own both major parties.

For the record, I’m registered in New Hampshire as an Independent. We are largest voting block in the state. It drives the major parties nuts trying to figure out who we’ll vote for. I’m happy to contribute to their confusion.

I will vote in the election, but only because the local politicians really do have direct impact on my life. The Selectman who can change my property tax and land use regulations is an important choice. Big money doesn’t have quite the same sway with the local positions. It’s still possible for a person of character to win, spending no more money on the campaign than the small registration fee. Everyone knows everyone in a small town.

As for the national election, consider voting Collapsitarian -or at least tell that to the pollsters.



  1. I'd like to nominate:
    James Howard Kunstler for President
    Dmitri Orlov for Secretary of State
    Carolyn Baker for Secretary of Health and Human Services
    Richard Heinberg for Secretary of Energy
    Jack Spirko for Secretary of Commerce
    John Michael Greer for Secretary of Education
    Joel Salatin for Secretary of Agriculture

    1. What a dream team! Too bad all of them are too smart to take the jobs.

  2. Whole heartedly agree. I'll vote for local officials and flip a coin on the presidential race - if the ballot allows that. Not even familiar with Florida's rules. Doubt it will matter much anyway.

    1. Good to learn who the local jokers are. Let's see if FL will even let you vote.

  3. I like the name of your party! I would join on the name alone!

    Always crazy during the second half of an election year!

    1. Thanks Jim! Kinda catchy name -a party for our times. Just doing my part to make a crazy season crazier.

  4. I am with you on this!. I am voting against a permanent increase in our sales tax (it was suppose to be temporary). lol That is it.

    1. No sales or income tax in NH. Two of the things I'd like to keep.