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Monday, July 23, 2012

The scene at the boat ramp

My lovely wife and I went up to the big lake Sunday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, the sort of day people dream about to get them through the cold of a NH winter. As you can imagine, the boat ramp was a very busy place.

What I saw going on there on there needs to be noted. As busy as it was, everyone was terribly polite. One guy came over and asked me if I was ready to launch or could he go next. My sailboat needs a bit more preparation than a power boat. I still had a few things left to do, so I let him go first.

Which brings up the second thing I noticed. Everyone was really fast and competent. By the time I finished with my few little things, the guy had already cleared the ramp. People had all their gear loaded in the boats before they launched. All they had to do was climb aboard and head out. Everyone’s motors started right off.

So often in life people are stupid and rude. It’s nice to see they don’t have to be. One inconsiderate person could have jammed up the single ramp and it would have been chaos. It was nice to see there was no one like that there today.

It did get me thinking about all the other times in life when forethought and politeness could make everything a whole lot more pleasant.



  1. The boating community is a life unto itself. For the most part those who are serious about it are considerate and tend to look out for others. At least this was my experience when living on a boat for a number of years.

  2. We hear more about the inconsiderate or bad people than we do about the good. So lets hear more good news than evil on the TV news broadcasts.

  3. The public boat ramps in Port Aransas on a summer Saturday used to be a spectator sport. Grab a lawn chair and a cooler full of beer and watch the hilarity unfold. Now things go pretty smooth as you illustrated. I think a lot of the inexperienced casual boaters are no longer able to afford it, so now the ramps are used pretty much by seasoned folks. They're still pretty busy on the weekends, but very orderly. And not a single cop or government "official" in sight...

  4. Isn't it nice to know that folks can be nice and co-operate with one another when they want to?

    Too bad that the rest of the world can't get along like the pleasant folks at the boat dock!