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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Winter Plans?

It may seem weird to be planning our winter activities during the Independence holiday week, but that’s what my lovely wife and I are doing. It takes planning to escape frosty New Hampshire in January to go sailing in the sunny south. It affects everything from how much firewood we get now to when the boat and trailer get serviced.

Last November I was making modifications to the the sailboat. My fingers were frozen and there was hope of actually trying it out in the water. Those improvements worked right the first time, but that’s not something a person can count on. As it was, the solar panel for the boat was only installed once we were already down to Florida. My my fingers were in no danger of freezing, the area where my boat was parked has a fire ant infestation. They tagged me a few times.

Later this month we are meeting up with a guy who has a sailboat he wants to get rid of. My lovely wife and I are toying with the idea of leaving a second boat in Florida. It’s a 25 foot trailer sailer, so we could park it at my dad’s place for the summer. It would be nice to not have to trailer a boat thousands of miles. If that doesn’t work out, we’ll just keep hauling around our current boat. At least we have a good solid vehicle for it now.

We are kicking back and enjoying the holiday week. Hope everyone has a good time.



  1. Make sure when you make plans so far in advance that they are flexible. Of course you would know that.

  2. I always have a plan B and the beginnings of a plan C.