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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Respect for the law?

The king is not above the law. That’s the whole point of our system going way back to the Magna Carta. It replaced the “divine right of kings” with the equal rule of law.

Today we know that’s not true. Make billions disappear like the Banksters and never do any jail time. I can’t think of a single President in recent history who hasn’t ignored the Constitution at will. Yet if the small guy is late on a credit card payment he can be heavily penalized and his credit ruined. Don’t get caught crossing the street wrong.

Now a study has come out that shows NYPD “consistently violated basic rights" during Occupy protests.

This probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but here we have proof in black and white.

It’s clear that those who make the laws and those who enforce the laws are above the law. The age of the Pharaohs have returned. They ignore the laws we mere mortals have to obey.

Selective enforcement of the law weakens respect for all laws. That’s a basic understanding that countries forget at their peril. Once again we see that “power flows from the barrel of a gun.” (thank you Mao Zedong). If the government’s only legitimacy is the gun at their hip, it’s a very weak legitimacy. It’s the last gambit of the tyrant. One thing they should remember: us little guys can strap a gun to our hip too. The US isn’t quite there yet, but that seems to be the road we are heading down -downhill, full speed and with no brakes.

Hubris is the sin of kings. After getting away with living above the law long enough, they begin to believe they are special elites that don’t have to play by the same rules. Time has a way of proving them wrong. I wonder if they stay awake at night, hoping they will quietly retire or if they fear they will end up like Mussolini, shot and hung up on meat hooks.



  1. It's all going to come back and bite them in the ass, I think!

    Many lines are being drawn in the sand, and slowly some of the PTB are starting to catch on! May be too little too late, though!

  2. Operation Fast and Furious is a perfect example of this. We know that members of our LAW ENFORCEMENT agency knowingly allowed gun smugglers to cross firearms into Mexico (Federal crime - every border check station has the sign!), while at same time going on camera to claim that gun shows provide weapons for drug cartels.

    And when caught in the lie, they refuse to cooperate with our U.S. Congress, even to the point where the President of the U.S. uses his power to shield the people from having to testify. Oh yeah, while they STILL profess that gun shows provide drug cartels with yada yada yada. Its sickening. Gun smuggling is illegal unless you work for the government ?

    When the law makers become law breakers and aren't accountable for their actions, why should we take them seriously ?

  3. You hit the nail on the head with that one. I know a few politicians that I would like to hit on the head.

  4. Imagine hundreds of thousands of people showing up at these conventions & gathering flash mob style in parking lots, etc. with signs saying: "Why take these lawbreakers seriously?" or something more succinct.

    1. . . . and that's why they fear the Internet.

  5. There has always been a separate system of law for the rich. Even after paying restitution and spending two years in a country club prison, Michael Milken, junk bond trader from the 1980s, came away with millions. What has changed is that they no longer feel the need to keep up pretext of equality under the law. Just go to Jon Corzine's prison cell and ask -- oh wait, he doesn't have one.

    1. Anyone else bothered by the fact they don't even pretend anymore?

  6. The "powers that be" have lost their last tattered shred of credibility, and therefore legitimacy. At least to a thinking person they have. Those of the herd mentality still look at the power brokers with awe and blind obedience. The rest just want their government check...