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Friday, July 6, 2012

What a day!

I got started early and drove into town for supplies. Picked up lumber, hardware and paint for a house project. Did some other shopping since I was in the “big city” ~10,000 people.

My lovely wife and I spent the afternoon sailing on the lake. I think we are having some of the best weather in the country right now.

After sailing the canoe went on the veggie van and I headed upriver to an evening paddle. It was the start of the annual “Source to the Sea Trek.”

While I’ve paddled much of the river many times, I never signed up for one of these organized events. It proved to be a lot of fun. There was a good mix of people I knew and new people to meet. Before I was a sailor I was a river rat, and this was the river of my youth. Good memories and good times.

Sadly, my camera’s batteries died and don’t have any photos. Maybe I can get a few from some of the other participants.

I’m beat and calling it a day.



  1. I would love to do a river trip like that some day.

  2. My house sits on the land bridge between two major river systems. It's on the old Indian portage trail.

    Lots of river fun.

  3. Back quite a few years ago, I used to run the upper Allegheny River by canoe. Usually did it in the spring time when the water was high enough so you didn't have to walk over the shallow rapids. Boy you just brought back some great memories.

    1. Cool. I've talked to other people who've run the Allegheny. Nice run. Still looking for some photos from last night.

  4. Would like to see those pictures.