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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Paddling the Magalloway River

I was able to get a photo of me paddling the Magalloway River Friday night.

That’s me, the old fat guy paddling the canoe. I do look kinda happy.

My canoe is an Old Town Discovery 174. I call it my Tupperware boat because it’s mostly plastic. I’ve some beautiful wood planking and rib canoes at home, but this one I don’t mind bouncing off rocks.

Most of this area is a wildlife preserve. Their strategy was to buy property from willing sellers for good money. There isn’t a lot of private property left, but I know some of the holdouts. My feeling about the preserve are mixed. It would be great to have a camp on this river, but it isn’t going to happen. The few remaining are way out of my price range. At least the river isn’t lined with condos.

There are rules and such, but nothing too harsh. Those I don’t like are easy to ignore. They have a number of established camping sites which they charge good money for. That is, if you are there during the season when the campground is open. Theoretically, someone could camp early in the season or late. Those are good times to camp as the bugs are gone.

Of course, someone with a dark green canoe could just pull it off into the dense woods you see behind me and disappear.

Theoretically, of course.



  1. Down here in deep south Texas, there is a small retirement community on the side of a river which has a nature preserve on the opposite bank. A few deer have been harvested by shooting over the river and retrieved by canoe or kayak as well. The meat isn't wasted and the people living on limited incomes have something to eat - Nature's Plan.

  2. I've noticed TX has a lot of places where you have to pay to hunt. Not open to the general public. It only makes sense that the rules would get bent a bit.

  3. I think your part of the country is just so beautiful and I love canoeing. Was brought up by a canoeing couple. I was probably in a canoe before I could walk. Both my Dad and my Mom grew up along the river.

    1. Thanks Dizzy. I do love here during this time of year. I too grew up on the water. Rivers sing to my soul.