Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not Gonna Fly

No doubt by now everyone has heard all about the latest terrorist incident on a commercial aircraft. The existing security arrangements should have been more than sufficient, if they'd been followed properly. Will they raise the level of competency in the TSA? Of course not. Instead, they'll put in more onerous rules -which will be no more effective than the last batch. (Same bunch of bozos implementing the rules.)

I'm sure at some level it's not really about security. At some point it's about training people to act like cattle. (or sheep, perhaps?)

I probably shouldn't be trying to board a flight at this point in my life. For all I know my name is already on a list. Ten years ago, the last time that I flew, I was pissing off the security guards. I don't suffer fools gladly. I could not even pretend to take them seriously. They've gotten a lot more uppity since.

The air industry is due to go into a tailspin as it is. One of their major expenses is fuel. At some point, as the price of fuel goes skyrockets, they'll have to raise ticket prices to match. Air travel will go back to being only for the rich.

When most of the airlines go out of business and air passenger numbers drop, they'll probably blame terrorism. Don't believe it. It'll be about money and fuel.

Restrictions on travel annoy the heck out of me -a free human being. There are too many compromises to air travel.

The way things are going now, if I ever fly again, it'll probably be in a plane I build myself.


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