Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cubical life

I've friends who work in cubicals. Never have myself. It's another box I didn't want to be put in.

What's the difference between workers in cubical and rats in a maze? The rats have a chance of getting out.

Some of you out there are probably reading this blog while in a cubical. Good for you! You are stealing back a little slice of your own life.

As a little kid, who among us has ever said. "I want to work in a cubical." It's not really a goal, yet a lot of people end up there.

Cubicals are the logical extension of the factory system into our lives. Plug worker into square box, extract productivity, discard worn out units with fresh young units. It's the same way eggs are raised in factory farms. The chickens are in little boxes, get their input and deliver their output.

In the movie The Matrix, what's the difference between Neo's office job in the matrix and his function as a battery in the larger world? Hardly any at all.

Plenty of people are perfectly comfortable in a cubical. That's because they've been domesticated. If a dog is crate trained, the crate is a safe comfortable place for him to be. Do you feel safe in your cubical. Nice doggie!

I'm a wolf, a wild creature, and a free person.


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