Friday, February 26, 2010

So far, so good

Last night I went to bed fully expecting the grid to go down. I'm sure it did in many areas, but it was still up and running here this morning. Sometimes there are pleasant surprises -the system works.

During the evening, the snow turned back to rain. When the winds hit, the trees didn't have heavy snow loading. It's turned back to snow this morning -heavy, wet, knock-trees-over-snow. This storm has been very dependent on local micro-climates. A few miles one way or the other or a hundred feet in elevation made the difference between snow disaster and pleasant day.

Outside of dead trees losing branches (and landing in my driveway), this storm hasn't been too terrible. It's winter in NH, storms are expected.

This morning I'm using the grid to top off the batteries of my solar electric system. There isn't a sunny day predicted until five days from now. Should the grid go down, I'd like to start with fully charged batteries.



  1. The house shook. I was scared, or pretended to be scared. I forget which.

  2. The snow rumbled off of this place. The dome sheds snow in huge sheets.