Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Precious Metals

I'm not a financial advisor, so this isn't financial advice. Guess that disclaimer has to go right up there at the beginning. Always did think it odd to have to proclaim something I'm not. So as not to cause confusion, I'm also not the King of the Wild Wazzoos, Prince Albert in a Can, a cop, a judge, an IRS agent, a secret agent, a double agent, or even a triple again. The list of things I'm not could go on forever. At any rate, to make the legal eagles happy, I'm not a financial advisor.

I'm not much of an investor at all. As I've said in earlier posts, I'm not particularly interested in money. Piling up money for its own sake bores me. That being said, there's a lot of cool things that I could do with money, so I'm not running the whole idea of money down.

Gold bugs. People who are serious gold investors. Aren't they having a fun time? How about silver? That's been going up too. For all I know it's due to the increasing threat of werewolves -all that silver is being cast into bullets. The price of regular lead bullets have been going up, so maybe it's connected. Have I made my lack of financial sophistication clear yet?

By now you should have a fairly good idea that I'm not the guy to go to for metals advice.

However, I did make one small gold investment that's paid off wonderfully. It's made my whole life better and has saved me a bundle. A bit over thirty one years ago I invested in a wedding band for my lovely wife. Best investment ever.

We were married young, only 20 years old. Thirty one years later, we are still married. Consider that half of marriages end in divorce. That means anyone who gets married has about a 50/50 chance of financial disaster. Choosing a proper mate can make all the difference.

Then there are the maintenance issues. Does the wearer of your little gold band require expensive little baubles? A huge house? New cars? Fancy electronics? New clothes? Regular overhauls by skilled plastic surgeons?

Is she more like like mine, happier with the simple things in life? If she's not one of those high maintenance models, by all means do nice things for her. Serve her breakfast in bed. Rub her feet. Learn how to give a good back rub. Complement the hell out of her. She's more precious than gold, so pay attention to what's truly valuable.


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