Sunday, February 21, 2010

Limits to how far we will be pushed

You can't get blood out of a stone. The European Union is pushing down hard on Greece to implement austerity measures. So what happens? Workers go on strike, contributing to an even greater economic mess.

They can raise taxes, but at some point that doesn't translate into more revenue. More and more of the economy functions "off the books." Hiding from the tax man is a long European tradition. England just raised the VAT tax. Expect offcial economic activity to continue to go down.

Europe has a long history of its citizens taking dissatisfaction into the streets. Expect to see more to that. Plenty of dissatisfaction to go around.

US dissatisfaction is making the news. A man who flies a plane into an IRS office is pretty dissatisfied.

People once believed that if you work hard, you can get ahead. Sacrifice now and there'll be a cushy retirement. For society to function, people have to believe those little social constructs -whether or not they are actually true. In fact, it has to be true enough for most people to keep everyone else in harness.

A horse will pull that wagon a long ways for a bag of oats. Make the bag smaller and smaller then eliminate it entirely. The horse is going to want to wander off the trail looking for something to eat. I hope humans are as smart as horses. When it reaches the point where being in harness doesn't give us our oats, we should look somewhere else to get what we need.

When the game is obviously rigged, it's time to stop coloring in the lines.


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  1. A guy who owns a private plane falls into the category of "too rich for me to give a fuck about his financial issues."

    Plus, the douchebag set fire to his house with his family in it. Sure, they got out, but still.

    Fuck him.