Friday, September 10, 2010

Goodbye Summer People!

The first big batch of summer people have left. Labor day seriously thins out the population here on the lake. Took the canoe out on the water. There were only two other boats on the water when I set out, but soon there was just my canoe. No drunken water skiers. No high speed boats on too small a lake. My lovely wife and I paddled around and checked out the osprey and loons. I even caught a good sized trout for dinner. It doesn't get much fresher than that.

Today I drove 50 miles to a tourist town. Traffic was light. Picked up some books at a bookstore. We were down in that area before Labor Day, but the people we were riding with absolutely refused to fight the traffic to get to the bookstore. Don't really blame them. Now it's no problem at all.

There are still a few die hards around the lake. Some will be up every weekend. That'll pretty much stop come Columbus Day. After that, the lake will be left to a few die hard permanent residents. It's peaceful. I like it.

I'm not exactly a hermit. During the heat of the summer, I loved having my beach overrun with family and friends. It was fun. There was lots of stuff going on. However, I do like my quiet time. It's a chance to gather my thoughts and get back in touch with my more spiritual side.

I like that too.



  1. Do you want to share what books you got?

    My folks had a cabin in the Ozarks when I was growing up and I spent summers down there, but also some winters and winter holidays. We used to fish all year round. Nowadays, even the winters aren't quiet enough for me.

  2. Do you ice skate in the winter? When I attended Penn State, we used to have cabin parties on a mountain lake. We would build a big fire out in the middle of the lake and just skate most of the night. What fun we had.

    What about ice fishing, do you do that?

  3. Blogger is eating comments again. Grrrrrrr......

  4. Calandreya: For books I picked up "Without Warning," by John Birmingham and "The Sword of the Lady," by S. M. Stirling. Thought that one would never show up in paperback.

    Dizzy-Dick: Plenty of skating and ice-fishing on the ice. Cookouts too. Against the law to build fires right on the ice, but I used to do it in the past.

    Mayberry: Blogger keeps messing with my comment security settings too. As you say Grrrrrrrrrrr.......