Friday, September 3, 2010

A Tale of Two Professors

There were two professors, one taught English, the other taught Science. The English professor was an accomplished gourmet cook with an impressive wine cellar. On a regular basis, the professors and their wives would get together for dinner. The English professor would cook a first rate meal, then they'd open a fine bottle of wine.

At that point, knowing what would come next, the wives would retreat to the kitchen. The Science professor was a staunch liberal, and the English professor a political conservative. After their regular dinners, they'd debate politics late into the night. I'm not sure if either of them was ever able to move the other an inch either way. That's not the point.

Politically, they could not have been further apart. However, they both had deep respect for each other and were good friends. How many people in today's political environment are friends with their political opposites? Could they sit down to a meal then have a rigorous, animated, yet respectful debate? Could they find common ground on anything?

American politics has been removed from the intellectual realm and deep into the emotional spectrum. Be honest with yourself. Do you make the best decisions when emotionally upset? I've come to ask myself, why have our political leaders moved us from intellect to emotion? In the current political climate, people on the opposite political side are demonize. How can we find common ground with those people we don't respect as individuals?

I've a theory that it's all part of a divide and conquer scheme. While we are yelling and screaming at each other, the people who really run the country avoid scrutiny. The big questions never get asked. (Like who really does run the country? Hint -follow the money)

The thing that really frightens me is history. There once was a highly advanced country. It was tolerant of other religions and valued intellectual achievement. However, it suffered military setbacks and economic ruin. A man rose up and appealed to the people's emotions. He was very good at it. The country was Germany and the man was Hitler.

Ask yourself an honest question. Do the politicians you listen to appeal too much to your emotional side and override your intellect? Where could this lead? If you can't picture that person having a civil dinner with political opposites, maybe there's cause for worry?


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  1. I admit it. I cannot sit down with them. I loath them now. I see them as being in the way and I wish them removed.