Friday, September 17, 2010

Provisional Yippee

We won't know for sure until we get an official letter in the mail, but it looks like my wife's long struggle against Social Security has been won.

Now I know that Social Security is in big trouble. Can't see how payments will ever keep up with inflation. That's a mid to long term issue. In the short term, we'll be able to catch up the taxes. Also hope to eliminate a bit of debt we picked up from a previous emergency. You know those emergency funds people are supposed to have? Well, once those are gone, it doesn't mean the emergencies stop.

The good news, is that except for property taxes, all other bills have been getting paid. Not bad, considering how we took a good 50% drop in household income. Preps helped out a fair bit. Dipped into the food storage as needed. Although, even that's not in bad shape. I had a little bonus money last month that allowed me to restock a bit. I have made some partial payments on the property taxes. We are in no danger of the house go up for auction or anything like that.

In the short term, we plan on knocking down debt. Might get a new kitchen woodstove -something more efficient that doesn't go through as much wood and holds a fire better. That'll save me work later as I'll need to gather less firewood. I can plan now for being lazy later.

My wife's medical conditions are worsened by stress. She was suffering enough to have to leave work. The stress of fighting Social Security has only made things worse. Now I hope she can find some measure of relief. That's priority one.

Cold temperatures maker her condition worse. With a new stove in the kitchen, I'll be able to keep the house toasty warm for her. Better yet, maybe we'll just head south for the worse months of the winter.



  1. I hope the wife can relax now as I know what stress can do, maybe you can hand her a homebrew, it's good medicine :-)
    I'm interested in your wood cook stove, what kind do you have now and what would you like to get?

  2. I've an old Glendale. Smaller wood cook stove. 4 burner pate, plus 2 propane burners. Oven can do wood or propane. For an old style not air tight, it's been a good stove. However, it's been rebuilt too many times.

    What I have my eyes on now is a Vermont Bun Maker:

    Would like the hot water heater option. I homebuilt a hot water coil for the Glendale, so I'm all set up for it.

  3. The Bun Maker looks great!
    I like the fire box on top, I think it would get the most attention loading wood in it so it should be easy on the back.
    Think you'll get it before winter?

  4. I am glad you can take back the money stolen from y'all's paycheck.

  5. Grats on the win - those are somewhat rare.