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Monday, December 24, 2012

Delays and therapy

Usually my lovely wife and I like to head south right after New Years. In fact, sometimes we planned our departure to coincide with a friend's New Year's party downstate. That worked out as it's only about a three hour drive. Half the day is lot winterizing the house, so a long drive after that can be a drag.

This year we've been delayed until at least January 12. My lovely wife needs some physical therapy before we head south. It's nothing too serious, yet it's painful. She hated to delay the trip, but I insisted she get treatment. How much fun could we have if she was dealing with extra pain?

On the bright side, I can put off the last of the trip preparation until after the holidays. Dealing with the holidays can be crazy. Now add planning and preparation for a long trip on top of that. I'll take the extra time to get our gear ready. When we finally do get to those warm souther waters, we'll be ready for sailing.

Nothing in life is certain. Live a little while you can.



  1. I wish you and you lovely wife a very Merry Christmas...

  2. Don't worry, my friend. These warm waters will be here when you arrive. Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas.

    1. I'm counting on it. May you and yours have a good Christmas.

  3. Hope your wife knits up well,and fast.Happy holidays.