Friday, December 21, 2012

Road trip at the end of the world

My lovely wife and I were invited to a couple “end of the world” parties. We've had to decline, even though they looked like fun. Instead, we are on the road picking up my granddaughter. She's spending her school vacation up here in the Great White North.

We'll catch the next end of the world party.



  1. I'm at an end of the world party as we speak. I'll let you know if it happens...

  2. Where I'm at, we have a saying, if the world ends, we'll find out about it in 6 months.

  3. It dawned the 21st in Australia some hours ago, and I haven't heard of any points east of there hearing anything suspicious. I WAS sort of counting on an asteroid to melt this darn snow, however!

  4. It's 37 degrees in south Texas this morning, so that is kind of apocalyptic! Ha ha.