Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Problems just fade away and disruptive technology

The world is full of problems just crying out for our attention. Do you know how a lot of them will be solved? They won't, they'll go away on their own.


Think about it. When's the last time someone has complained there's not enough hitching rails for horses in their downtown? What about the horse manure problem on Main Street? Those problems went away with the horse. Of course, they've been replaced by car problems, but few make complaints about horses.

No one is nagged about rewinding a rented VHS tape. DVDs and now direct Internet downloads made that problem go away.

Automatic weapons? That problem will go away soon after there's an Instructable on how to build a destro-ray in your basement.

Think of the problem with nuclear proliferation. Do you know what's going to make that problem go away? When there's weapons that make nuke bombs look like crossbows, the problem will go away. Believe it or not, there was once serious talk about banning that horrific weapon known as the crossbow.

New technology makes old problems disappear. Often, it's pretty darn disruptive. Take the crossbow for example. At the time, the mounted armored knight was at the top of the military hierarchy. It took a lot of money, equipment and training to field those knights. Then crossbows came along. A skinny half-trained peasant could kill a knight with one well placed crossbow bolt.

New technology challenges the political order. Those in charge like the old way of doing things. After all, those are the conditions that allowed them to crawl to the top in the first place. It's in their best interest to suppress new developments. Never mind that many of those new developments could make life for everyone better. Power is not about making lives better.

Being in the 99%, I'm always looking for disruptive technology and ideas that will make my life better -at the expense of the elite.

Here's a partial wish list;

Power plant in a box: $299.00, just disconnect from the grid, plug it in, and enjoy free limitless electrical power.

Real Life matter transporter: $599.00 Do an end run around the TSA!

Drone Be-Gone Spray: $3.99 Kills surveillance and Predator drones dead!

Truth Ray: $49.99 One zap from the Truth Ray and the target can only tell the truth. Fun at parties and when Congress is in session!

Immortality Salve: $8.95 Just three easy applications to achieve immortality. (Don't forget to swab your heels.) Tell your medical insurer goodbye -forever.

You get the idea. Any of these things would be a game changer. They won't be available in stores or on TV. They, or something else currently unimaginable, will appear on the Internet. Why do think the Powers that Be want to regulate and limit the Internet? It's because it's one of those disruptive technologies that got out of the box.



  1. Phyllis (N/W Jersey)December 19, 2012 at 5:35 AM

    Can't even imagine a politician telling the truth. Oh my - what a wonderful world it would be!

    1. Of course, it would be disruptive for a bit -fun though.

  2. Actually, they are developing a power-plant-in-a-box, not quite that cheap, it's actually a nuclear-powered battery, completely sealed, that will provide enough power for a neighborhood for about 40 years.

    1. The military has had them for years. Some have been used on satelites. Of course, the whole nuclear material in a box thing is a problem.

  3. I wanna Harry Potter Cloak of Invisibility, just think of the hijinks and giggles you can gain from that . . .

    Notice how the school shooting incident has taken the limelight away from the fiscal cliff, I wonder what is going on behind the scenes there ?

    1. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.