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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dry Days

The last few days we've experienced dry sunny days. Taking advantage of the weather I've got my little boat emptied out and drying. Before the rains come on the weekend I hope to have all the little nicks and dings patched up. We really put that boat through its paces and found a few minor problems.

I was never really happen with the cabin board and the top hatch. When there was a heavy rain some water could work its way into the cabin. If water can come in, so can biting little bugs. That has to be fixed and I've got some good ideas how to fix the problem.

Another way water could work its way into the cabin is from the cockpit. If water got into the cockpit, from wave action or just sitting out in the rain, it would slowly seep into the cabin -where it would pretty much remain until sponged out. It's not a lot of water, but I'd like to be able to rest in the cabin with dry feet. A bit of sealant should do the job.

After those things are dealt with a bit more paint should be in order.

We had a good time with this little 12 foot Ooze Goose and really tested it. The boat is surprisingly sea worthy. What it really needs is a sailing rig and that's definitely on the to do list. There's the beginnings of lee boards, a rudder and some lumber to start working on the masts and booms.

In the short term the plan is to make the cabin weather tight so I can then launch the boat onto the lake. There are fish that need catching.



  1. Sounds like you'll have your work cut out for you before NEXT winter.