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Monday, May 11, 2015

Project Creep

Did you ever start a little project and before you know it it's a big project?

Last summer the cabin across the road from me was sold. The new owners planned to do some renovations and move in by March.

Here we are well into May and the place is nowhere near livable. In fact, they just decided to rip out all the old wiring. Maybe some of it needed to go, but all of it? I've been watching the job grow and grow.

Of course it didn't help that last winter was one of the worse in years. Their repair the roof project turned into a replace the roof project and they had to keep shoveling snow off their work. Not good. In winter everything takes longer and costs more. Personally, I've always done my best to avoid outside winter jobs. It's just not worth it.

It's easy for projects of any sort to grow and grow. If you aren't careful you run out of time and money and nothing gets finished. Sometimes a project takes so long that the original plan no longer makes sense. There are people who spent so long building the perfect boat that they are too old and frail to actually use it.

Right now at this point in my life I'm trying my best to finish up the projects I've got. Keeping project creep under control is a big part of the equation. Don't want to end up like my new neighbors.



  1. You got it right. I wanted to paint my living room. Then wife creep happened .Before the end of the conversation she had added the dinning room, the kitchen and a gut job of the bathroom. I decided I was happy with the living room as it is . Project creep can happen in an instant.

    1. Wife creep can get out of hand pretty quick. "If we just this move this wall back a foot."