Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mailing Address

One of the great things about being home is having a stable mailing address. We do a lot of our business on-line, but not everything could or should be done that way.

Now that we are home mail is making its way back home from all over the country. Forwarding address were set up with plenty of time to spare -or so I thought. I'm amazed how slowly some of our mail has travelled. It's not called snail mail for nothing.

Some mail has just disappeared and I have no hope of ever holding it in my hands.

That being said, the US Postal service still does a better job than most other countries. At one time I was associated with a couple of businesses that mailed items all over the world. Trust me, it's possible to pay a lot more for worse service.

Now that I'm going to be home for a while I feel confident about ordering things on-line. In fact, there's three packages due next week. In spite of all the travelling we've done, there are some items not found in stores. It's much easier to find them on-line. Weird to think it's easier to order something and get it delivered way out in the woods than it is to find in a city.

However, one very nice thing about shopping brick and mortar stores in New Hampshire is the lack of sales tax. When I can, I shop local. Unfortunately my wants and needs are sometimes a bit out of the norm, so on-line is often my best option.



  1. We may still have the best postal sevice, but it;s still not as good as it used to be.

    1. Congress keeps messing with it. We are lucky it works at all.

  2. We have lived in our home 37 years in a few months, the mail is not as efficient or speedy at all..I think the postman on Mr. Rogers neighborhood could have gotten it to us faster than we are not receiving it..If I have something that has to get to a place quickly I make sure to put it in the postal office at about a mile from our home it gets to most places in one or two days..Our mail carrier lady works like crazy does 2 routes for one paycheck and never complains, they just don't deliver quickly anymore..If I have to get a birthday card, wedding card or any kind of special occasion card I mail it about one month ahead of time I know it will get to the recipient in plenty of time to celebrate..We do banking mostly online fearing the bills etc won't get there at all!

    1. In my travels I've noticed some parts of the country have much better service than others. In general the local folks seem to be working hard, but doing more with less.