Saturday, May 9, 2015

Who's driving ATVs?

In recent years motor vehicle laws in many surrounding towns have changed to allow ATVs to travel city streets. Originally, the idea was to hook up to existing trails. For example there were two extensive trail systems only divided by a river. By allowing all terrain vehicles access to city streets they were able to use existing car bridges.

Of course, businesses along the corridor took advantage of ATV traffic and provided goods and services. That created a demand for more ATV access. Now it's possible to drive all over many cities and towns.

So who's driving ATVs this time of year? Older people. People with knee replacements and bad hips. Instead of staying home or using a powered wheel chair, they are cruising around on ATVs. I just saw one cruise past my house with a walking cane strapped to the cargo rack.

There are people who've bought ATVs who have no intention of ever driving them off-road. Instead they use them as City Cars. Some of the newer side by side machines are quite comfortable and well appointed.

Once school lets out for the summer the young people will be out in force once more. For now, however, ATVs are the toys of the gray haired set.



  1. As long as they don't drag race.....

  2. I hadn't thought of that, but I've seen golf carts used the same way, so it makes sense.

  3. I've seen the results of ATV stupidity in the ER. Not pretty.

  4. Now, they'll be all set when the government stops repairing the roads....

  5. One way to stay mobile, I reckon.

  6. Love my 14 year old Kawasaki mule. haul stuff, pull stuff and have fun.

    1. The mule is a well built machine. A buddy of mine has one he uses around his homestead. Perfect for his narrow woods roads.