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Monday, May 6, 2019

Back to the Beach

Snow is down to just a few patches here and there. Sunday the ice finally melted off the lake. We had a nice, mostly sunny day. Temperatures rose up to 69, the warmest it’s been this year.

A friend joined my lovely wife and for a walk down to the beach. It didn’t take long for the first fishing boats to get out onto the water. We saw geese, loons and osprey.

Right in front of my beach an osprey landed on a good sized trout. The osprey had a real struggle to get back into the air. The osprey did one circle, climbing about 20 feet off the water. The large trout wiggled free and plunged into the lake. It was quite the sight. Like all fishermen who lose a catch, the loon was very upset.

Today is supposed to be another warm and sunny one. However, by Tuesday we will be back to cool temperatures and more rain. While the frequent rain is annoying, it drastically reduces the fire danger.

I’ve a small solar electric system in my beach shed. The plan was to take the battery up to the house for the winter. Like many of my plans, it never happened. I feared the battery might have died from the cold. However, when I inspected it, it was holding a charge just fine. The solar panel must have provided enough charge to keep the battery from freezing.

The shed, only six by eight feet, has a four foot by eight foot window on the south side. On a sunny day, in the middle of the winter, the shed can get to shirt sleeve temperatures. No doubt that must have helped keep the battery from freezing..

The solar system has a cheap 1000 watt inverter. The unit powered right up. That’s great as it’s got enough strength. For lights and small power tools. I can work on boats right next to the water rather than hauling then up to the house.

It’s official, spring is really here in the Great North Woods.



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    1. Since April 21 is about average, this is pretty late. Not the latest on record. May 10. That was the year of deep cold with no snow that built over 6 feet of ice. This year I'm told it was about 4 feet thick.

  2. After reading your blog, I know that I made the right decision years ago to move from up north to here in East Texas. Although I loved the snow, I hated the melting season.

    1. Today is nice, but then we are in for more cool wet days. Texas looks good sometimes.