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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

So Much for the Internet part deux

As I write this I’ve no idea when or even if my blog is going to be posted. My Internet provider lost service to my town over much of the long holiday weekend. Not only did I lose my web connection, the land line phone also shuts off. Just to make it interesting, we are on the wrong side of the mountain for cell service.

At some I point I began to wonder if the problem was on my end. Just in case, I untangled all the wires and cables, double checked the connections and rebooted everything. No joy. That’s when I took the cell phone for a little ride into the village where there’s a cell tower.

Instead of being able to reach my provider, the call was routed to an answering service. The nice lady on the phone was able to tell me that service was out in my whole town. That’s all the information she had for me, but it was enough.

The service came back briefly -just long enough to make an important phone call. Later I took my niece and lovely wife to dinner. When we came back the ‘net was down again. So it goes.

On the bright side, with the phone out of order, we received no robo calls. It’s amazing how peaceful life is when the phone isn’t constantly ringing. I’m tempted to unplug the phone and only plug it in when I want to make a call. After all, it’s my phone and I can do what I want with it.

When the phone is not working, we have a service that records messages and sends them to my e-mail account as an audio attachment. It’s a lot easier and quicker to see which messages are junk and which are valid that way.

That service is pretty good while on the road. People call my home landline and I can get the message anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. (everywhere but home lately.) If it’s important I call them back on my cell phone. People have no idea that my house is empty, and that’s the way I like it.



  1. Excellent arrangement on the latter.

    1. That has been super handy. Great when traveling.

  2. I am the bane of professional phone service people. I have a cell phone in which the only use is to stay in contact with the wife when I am away from her farther than she can holler, which is about 2-3 hours a week. Otherwise, the phone is off.

    She has her phone on 24/7, but has limited the time the phone rings through to between noon and 4pm, except for some specially marked numbers. But, still, for that 4 hour period she gets 1-3 salespeople calling a day, even on the weekends...

    1. The huge volume of trash calls has trained me to not answer my phone. If's it's something real I'll call them back.