Sunday, June 2, 2019

The last conservative professor in Vermont

Recently I’ve been reflecting on my college days. After my injury in the fire service I eventually felt well enough to go back to college. One of my English professors was quite the character. I called him the last conservative professor in Vermont. He was a crusty old curmudgeon with views way to the right of every other professor in the college.

He took a liking to me. His brother was a fire chief and he had great respect for the profession. Perhaps because of that I got to know him better than most. The old guy had a zest for life and living. His wife was less than half his age and looked like a tall blond model. The professor was an accomplished gourmet chef and bought fine wines by the case. Over the years he made some wise investments and did quite well in the markets.

About once a month he’d have one of the Science professors and his wife over for dinner. The English professor would cook one of his amazing meals. Eventually the men would the retire to the sitting room for drinks and cigars. Knowing what was coming the next, the wives would retreat to another room.

The Science professor was about as liberal as the English professor was conservative. Apparently their political debates were legendary. They were both frighteningly intelligent and well informed. Neither gave an inch. They both enjoyed the lively debate. Remember, in spite of their vastly different politics, they were fast friends.

So I was thinking how rare it is for people of opposing political views to be friends today. That’s disturbing. When the opposition is thought of as being less than human, that’s when atrocities happen. When you can share a meal and debate politics while respecting each other -well, then you live in a better society.



  1. Times have changed, and it wasn't by accident.

    1. We can change again, to a more civil world. The alternative is truly ugly. The road we are going down now does not end well.

  2. I come from a split home, one of my parents was a democrat and one was a republican. They would cancel out each other's vote (grin). Despite that, they loved each other until death did them part.