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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ambulance to motorhome update

This is a test fit of all the modules I built. They are rough. There’s sanding and painting to be done.

Here’s a shot from the back. That’s set up like a table. Notice it’s the thickness of two 2X4s.

The top table is held in place by pins. There are legs stored inside. Here it is with the legs installed and set next to the first table.

There’s a third table that slides into place. When on in use, it can be tipped on end and slide into that dark area on the left hand side. There are straps to hold it in place.

Here’s what it looks like with the futon mattress in place. The mattress can be rolled out of the way and the table reassembled.

The table is held is place by adapting hardware that once kept stretchers from sliding around. All the table modules can be removed -either for use outside the van or to make room for hauling large items.

It’s rough, but looks like it will do the job. The only materials purchased for this job was about $25 for 2x4s. The table tops are left over scrap plywood. Some of the materials were salvaged from a construction site. The color will be determined by whatever paint I’ve got in my basement.

We might need to sleep in the van this weekend, so I’ve been in a hurry to get it functional.



  1. It's great to have another place to sleep and reside when necessary. You've done a fabulous job :-)

  2. Thank you Sandy. It's great that I don't owe a dime on this vehicle.

  3. It's coming together. Found a can of nice blue paint for the table, so blue it is.

  4. Looking great Sixbears. Blue is my favorite color in a home - even a mobile one.

    Might be tapping your expertise for solar advice in the months to come.

    Will be great to hear of your first adventure in your new digs.

  5. Looks better witha coat of paint on it now. Ready for our trip.

  6. I have all kinds of paints, if Mom wants to make it pretty. :)