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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Late day sail

A friend snapped this photo of my lake in the evening. That’s my lovely wife and I in that sailboat on the right side of the photo. We had the lake to ourselves. Since this photo was taken rain has come down almost constantly. Good thing we went out when we did.

There wasn’t much wind, but that doesn’t matter. We had no place to go. Being together on the sailboat was the point. Eventually we sailed back to our beach. My lovely wife can be even more of a purist than I am. She would not let me start the motor to travel the last 500 feet or so, even though the wind had almost completely died. In the end, I tossed the anchor off the bow and got a little forward motion by hauling it back in. It was enough for my wife at the tiller to guide us home.

There’s something special about living in a place that’s a vacation destination. The all too brief warm months slip by all too quickly. Most of my friends moved away for better educations and jobs. I stayed. How could I leave this behind?



  1. A glassy lake to oneself, a sail boat, lovely weather a lovely wife...I have to agree, Sixbears. What more can one want out of life?

  2. And you go elsewhere on vacation. . . I guess you go other place so it feels real good when you get back to paradise.

    1. The more I travel, the more I apprecdiate home.

  3. Joel and Dizzy are right on. Beautiful picture Sixbears.

  4. The best part of any trip is coming home!

    Beautiful lake pictures!