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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Relief is on its way

We’ve all worried about stuff. Lost sleep over it and suffered anxiety and tension. It could be losing a job. Someone leaving your life. Perhaps your house is getting foreclosed. Maybe you are waiting for a medical diagnosis. Something bothers the heck out of you.

Finally the news hits . . . and it’s bad. We are certainly not happy that the bad thing has happened, but there is a sense of relief too. At least you know. You can now deal with the problem, or at least accept the inevitable. The burden of hope has been lifted. Sounds weird, but even letting go of hope can make a person feel a bit better.

People worry about losing their job for weeks, months or even years. Then the job is gone and life goes on. The house is foreclosed on, and it feels like an albatross has been removed from your neck. The ending of one relationship makes room for a new one. Even learning about bad things you can’t change is better than waiting to find out.

Many of use have been watching the crisis in Europe. Week after week, things come right up to the edge of the cliff then financial rabbits are pulled out of hats. Everyone applauds and the show goes on -until the next disaster.

A lot of us are worried. How badly will Europe suffer? How far around the world with the problems reach? Can the problems keep getting put off indefinitely?


Things are coming to some sort of resolution. As I write this, pivotal elections are happening in Greece. That may be the spark that ignites the conflagration. If not them, perhaps the collapse of the Spanish or Italian economy might do it. Even the average German is getting screwed and resents it.

My guess is that “the bad thing” whatever it is, will happen soon. We won’t have to worry about some great unknown problem. The problem, or most likely interlocking problems, will be obvious for all to see. Then we can all let out a big sigh of relief, roll up our sleeves, and get to work.



  1. A lot of the time the real problem is not as bad as the imagined problem. We have the ability to work through problems, so let's do so.

  2. The problems in Europe has already started to affect our Country. The question is how bad will it affect it? Hold on, it will get worse.

  3. Rolling up my sleeves and getting to work is exactly what I've been waiting and preparing for...