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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Saved by the phone call

There I was, in the middle of little project. I’d heated metal, loosened corroded bolts, hit stuck things with heavy things. All the materials had been gathered except a bit of lumber. Just as I was heading out the door to go to the lumber yard the phone rang.

My cousin was on the phone. He asked if my sailboat was in the water and did I want to go sailing. Sure, why not? The project could wait. A storm had just blown through. The sun was out but there was still plenty of wind. Excellent sailing conditions.

My cousin brought his little Scorpion sailboat. His girlfriend’s 12 year old son joined my lovely wife and I on our boat. He had a blast. I let him take the tiller for a while. Always fun to take a kid sailing.

The projects can wait.

There’s no sense in living on a lake if I don’t make use of it.



  1. I used to say "what would it hurt to let one project wait" and now I got a hundred or so waiting. . .

  2. Never put off for tomorrow what can be put off forever.

  3. Always a good idea to take the time to share some fun time with a kid!

    Like you say, what use is a nearby lake if you don't use it?

    Time spent on the water is never wasted, just like fishing!

  4. The art of living life in the moment has great rewards!