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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A hitch with the hitch

Actually, the hitch project is going well. Going down to the local auto parts store and picking up a trailer hitch for an ambulance isn’t an option. My buddy Jeff is doing a darn fine job welding up a custom hitch.

His friend Greg is letting us use his well equipped shop to do the construction. Jeff is really the one doing the construction. At one time I did a little welding, but gave it up because the fumes aren’t good for my weakened lungs. While Jeff’s been welding, I’ve been admiring Greg’s boat project.

Greg loves to restore old classic things: cars, trucks, refrigerators, and now this boat. It’s a 1960 wooden powerboat, a real beauty. It combines Greg’s passions for restoration and time on the water.

Greg also suggested some improvements on the hitch. It’s probably strong enough, but roads are bad. Knowing me, I might end up pulling a bigger boat with it too. Making it better now won’t ever be regretted.

With any luck, I’ll have time to wire the electrical plug Monday afternoon. The project is coming together.



  1. It is always to have a stronger hitch than needed. It avoids a lot of "oops", a word I talked about today in my blog.

  2. In cases like yours...maybe more is a good thing!

    Glad it's all coming together!

  3. I love it when a plan comes together!