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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Big boats and bigger boats

We are the smallest boat in this marina. Sure, we've gone up from a 19 foot boat to a 23. That's still nothing in the world of boats. When I was having problems with my boat's outboard many people here assumed it was the outboard for a dinghy -an under powered dinghy at that.

There are millions of dollars worth of boats all around me. I paid $2500 for mine. Even so, most people here have been nice. They think we are nuts, but that's par for the course. There is always someone with a bigger boat.

The problem with big boats is that there are fewer and fewer places that can accommodate them. They have to anchor out far from shore. Then they need really powerful and large tenders to whisk their people to shore. At some point having a helicopter pad is necessary as the distances are too great.

While there are big and expensive boats here, they aren't helipad big. They are of a size where they can come up the river and into the marina . The boats are practically stacked on top of each other. This is a popular place to spend the winter.

As people settle in I've noticed a familiar dynamic at play. People come from all over, many to escape the cold of northern winters. Some people move in and live year round. It reminds me of a Florida trailer park. Sure, the “trailers” are expensive boats, but they are stacked in almost on top of each other. Everyone gets to know their neighbors.

They'd run me out of the marina if I'd ever dared to point out the similarities to a trailer park.



  1. Hopefully no one is going to read your blog! Year agoiused to work on a, to me and to the owner, big sailing boat called Amokura. 55 ft long. The owner eventually took it to the med. He found himself sitting on what looked like a dinghy among the BIG boys. He soon got rid of it. Couldn't play with the real big boys! Me I think mine too big and its 36ft long. Et taking far too long to finish!

    1. There is always someone with a bigger boat. That a big surprise to someone who's used to being a big fish in a little pond.

      Good luck with the boat!

  2. Do you think the term "marina trash" will be long in coming? lol

  3. I live in a community where they are building homes with 12 bedrooms and 7 bathbrooms, who in the hell is going to want to buy those or have the money or needing a maid service to clean those bathrooms, you would never see your huband/or wife and kids, what the living hell...A boat is someones place to enjoy and boat not show off bs to others to make them think they are real sea and coast loving mariners, for God's Sake bigger is not better..What has happened in our country. Oh, it is called Trump and Greed is the religion..tonight the demos go for it, politics looks dirty to me all the mud slinging and millions spent to mudsling, but little thought to what the people in our country have to contend with to just to eat have hydration a place to call a home and to actually have a job after the age now of 49 years old, wish the cnadidates would address that but that damn ISIS bs is all they talk about..happy Christmas anyways!

    1. Happy Christmas to you too!

      My lovely wife and I are having so much fun that some people assumed we must be newlyweds. Why else would we be so happy on a small boat?

  4. I look at it like this. john spent 100,000 and is in the same marina as you. You spent 2500 and will be waving by to marina bound john because he is to broke to leave.

  5. I thought you dropped a digit. $2500 for a good enough live aboard boat? OMG why isn't every poor person grabbing one and making it happen? is the population that ignorant. Thanks once again for being inspiration about bargains.